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Solar Powered Personal Watercrafts


By. Steve Hartman




What better day to hang out on the water then on a sunny day. Considering the boats, jet skis and other equipment we use takes up a lot of gasoline and oil, it was only a matter of time before companies decided to harness the power of the sun we love in order to create solar-powered personal watercrafts.


The one solar-powered watercraft to make waves recently is from ASAP. The idea behind their PWC was to create a way for lifeguards to reach the people in the water that needed rescuing. It takes a lot of energy to paddle to them, take hold and drag them ashore but with a device like ASAP’s, they can use the solar-powered PWC and let the machine do the work. They even caught the interest of Virgin’s Richard Branson who flew the device to Australia in order to test it in action.


 Solar Powered PWC


The V-shaped, low drag hull helps the lifeguard swim through the choppy waters speedily and held rescue swimmers. By utilizing this design, ASAP is hoping to commercialize the solar-powered PWC soon.

The benefits beyond using less or no gas and oil is that they start instantly which, in the case of a lifeguard where seconds count, is awesome.


Beyond the lifeguard stand is Kymera’s Solar-Powered Jetboard. With a bodyboard design you can hop on board and glide through the water via the ion lithium battery which is solar-powered. This device is already being used by watersports enthusiasts and lifeguards alike. In fact, Kymera has built charging stations for its ion batteries.


Want to give it a try? The Kymera Jetboard is only going to cost you $5,000. Hopefully that cost will decrease over the years.


Solar Personal Watercraft


Since we enjoy the sun and often hit the water on the sunniest summer days, we might as well also use it to power the toys we like using. You can bet that within the next few years, we will see more price-friendly commercial devices that are more earth-friendly just like the new solar-powered lifeguard device.


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