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Black Friday Preview
Black Friday Preview
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All Around/Touring - Typically ranging from 10ft6in-12ft, these boards are usually wider, longer and have a greater volume. Perfect for beginners or cruising on lakes, flat-water and outside the surf zone. These boards can also be used for yoga, fishing and catching small surf.

Surf - Most surf SUPs range anywhere from 7ft 6in - 9ft 6in, these boards are usually shorter to allow for maneuverability and responsiveness. Less stable in flat water, but are perfect for medium to large waves where a quick response time is needed. These boards typically cater to the more experienced paddler.

Yoga - SUP Yoga boards are wider and longer than surf style SUPs, typically they have a soft top and various places to hook up exercise tools. Yogis also like to use anchors when in session so they don’t drift away from their group in the middle of a class.

Fishing - Stability is key with any fishing board, these SUPs typically have a larger width than an all-around/touring, surf or race board (32in-39in is ideal) and feature tie down systems to hold rods, coolers etc, places to hang equipment and gear including attachment plates and D-rings. Inflatable boards are great for SUP fishing.

Race - Ranging from 12ft 6in-14ft, race SUPs are typically longer and more narrow with a pointed nose (front end) and have a rounded, kayak like displacement hull allowing them to glide through water more efficiently and require less effort to paddle longer distances. Race boards tend to have a very narrow width, making them less stable and therefore ideal for the advanced paddler.

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