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SUP Accessories Buying Guide




The idea of the leash is to keep the rider attached to the board, so that if the rider happens to fall off it can’t float away. They are especially useful in rough, choppy water or while out in the surf. Although they are not always a requirement, they are a good accessory to have.


Types of Leashes


There are two different types of leashes to choose from.


  • Coiled Leash - The coiled leash is designed to stretch out when under tension (this will keep your board a good distance away should you fall off) and to coil back up when paddling, keeping it out of your way and from dragging through the water.

  • Standard Leash - The standard leash is similar to that of a surfboard leash, they are less likely to get tangled if you’re moving about the board. Standard leashes do tend to drag in the water, however they weigh less than a coil leash.


Leash Length


The ideal length of a leash is the same length as the board it is attached to. For SUPs this can be very long. Dependent on the paddler's ability and chosen paddle style this can vary. A leash that is slightly shorter than it’s board will be just fine.


  • Longer - The longer the leash, the further a board can float. This reduces the risk of the board hitting the rider if it gets away. Great for surfing or choppy water.

  • Shorter - The shorter the leash, the closer it will stay to its rider. This is good for flat water because the chance of the board getting pushed into the rider by a wave is less likely on calm water.

SUP Accessories

PFDs (Personal Flotation Devices)


The United States Coast Guard considers a SUP a vessel. Anytime it is out of a swim or surf area the rider is required to carry a PFD on the board. Fanny pack styles of inflatables are best for using on a SUP, however a classic style is fine too.


*All PFDs should be USCG approved


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