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Black Friday Preview
Black Friday Preview
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We have a wide selection of clothing that can be used for many different outdoor activities. Some items are designed specifically for certain activities, while others can be used for a variety of outdoor adventures.

Casual clothing is meant for everyday wear, just being outside and enjoying the view. While some may still include technical features, most casual wear is not made for intense activity.

Hiking/Camping clothing is made for backpacking, day hikes, car camping, and so on. Most hike/camp clothing items have technical features such as moisture wicking, breathability, and sun protection. They are also typically built to be more durable to withstand long intense activity day in and day out.

Yoga clothing is made for movement. They are typically flexible, somewhat form fitting (though they don’t have to be), and have technical features to help you stay comfortable as you work up a sweat, like moisture wicking and breathability.

Fitness clothing is made for working out, whether it be running outside, hitting the gym, or Pilates in your home. Fitness clothes are light and comfortable, made to wick away sweat and keep you moving. Some fitness items have anti odor abilities to keep you smelling good through tough workouts.

Paddle clothing is for kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, fishing, and the likes. Paddle clothes are typically either water-resistant or quick drying for being in constant or sporadic contact with the water. Many also have sun protection qualities to save your skin from sunburns and damage during your activities.

Fishing clothing is made specifically for the outdoor fishermen. Most fishing clothing has technical to keep you comfortable and not ruin your clothes, such as UPF sun blocking, stain resistance, and quick drying properties. Most fishing apparel is very lightweight with lots of vents for spending long hours out in the sun.

Swim/Surf clothing is made for any sort of water-based activity, from sunning on the beach to swimming in the ocean, and everything in-between. Swim and surf clothing usually has quick drying materials so they can get wet without being uncomfortable and damp all day, as well as sun protection qualities.

Travel clothing is made for long days of travel, by air, sea, or car, to keep you dry and comfortable. Travel clothing is often lightweight so it’s easy to pack, and to keep you from getting overheated in a variety of conditions. It also has venting/breathability so you can let off some steam. It also tends to have lots of pocket and storage space so you can bring everything you need with you.

Snow clothing is made specifically to be worn in the colder months. It generally has more warmth to it, by adding material such as down, fleece, and other technical fabric to help keep you warm. Snow clothing also often has water repelling and wicking properties to keep you dry and warm even during a snow storm, but has a full range of movement for outdoor activities like skiing, snowboarding, and hiking.

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