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Properly Storing Your Wakeboard, Water Skis, Tubes and More!


By. Steve Hartman




We are now on the cold side of Labor Day so it’s time to start putting our favorite summer toys away. Here are a few tips to consider when it comes to storage.


Towable Tubes:


You’ll want to make sure that the tube is completely deflated and the exterior is dry. A little bit of water or moisture has the potential to cause damage or grow moldy. If possible, store your tube in a duffle bag so that it won’t be subject to insects or animals desire to burrow in it; this will also prevent any excess damage if the bag gets dragged or moved. Finally, store it where it isn’t excessively hot or cold. Definitely keep it indoors especially if you live in a place where the temperatures dip below freezing and snow dots the landscape.


Towable Tube Pump with Deflate Feature


Wakeboards and Water Skis:


Make sure your board is rinsed and dry. You won’t want sand and dirt collecting on the board and lingering throughout the wintertime. It’s recommended that they are stored in a cool place where it won’t be hit with sunlight. Even resting it against a wall where the sun may hit it through a window isn’t a good idea. If you can, make sure they are completely out of the way. If someone has to constantly move it or has the potential to hit it, this could cause scratching and damage. Even placing them against the wall may be unwise depending on the location of the wall. Sometimes wakeboards or water skis happen to tip over because of a brief gust of wind when you open the garage door. Overhead racks in the garage may be a great place. Finally, if you can get a padded bag or holder, this is your best bet. The bag will keep it protected from the sun and prevent it from easily scratching.


Wakeboard Storage Tip


Life Jackets:


When it comes to hanging up the life jacket for the winter, make sure that it is in a place with good ventilation. A hallway closet probably isn’t the ideal location. You’ll want to make sure that the life jacket has had time to air dry before storing it as long-term wetness of the jacket could cause damage. But don’t be too eager for it to dry quickly. If you use a hair dryer or place it near a heater then this could damage the materials and cause them the buoyancy to decrease.


How to Clean a Soiled Life Jacket

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