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Black Friday Preview
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Prepare your Kids for Water Sports


By. Marcia Jeffries

Kid Wakeboarding


Empower youths to have a safe and fun water experience. Children are drawn to water, it looks fun, refreshing and inviting, although, we as adults know the power of water and understand circumstances of NOT taking precautions and NOT being prepared. The learning process is fun, after all you’re in the water splashing and kicking around. When we take the necessary responsibility to teach our kids safety, skills and instruction, they feel more secure and we feel relief knowing they have been informed and trained to understand and practice safety, preparation, skills, follow the rules and be aware of the dangers. Children need constant supervision around water, be aware of their activity to provide assistance when needed.


There are so many facilities, locations and authorized persons to introduce, educate, instruct swimming and learn safety and preparation skills to participate in water sports. I took my daughter to our neighborhood high school for swimming lessons, it was a positive experience in every way. The instruction was excellent, interacting and communication with other kids, practicing swimming techniques, understanding rules and taking precautionary measures were the key elements.


Water sports and just being in the water is full of excitement and a lot of fun, although there is a fierce and unpredictable side to water, that we can NOT control. Be prepared, be aware, be educated and be careful as you head out to partake in water sports.


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