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Landlocked? Wakeboard Indoors!


By. Steve Hartman




Is the weather outside frightful and the local lake frozen over?


Do you have the urge to wakeboard but the conditions outside aren't favorable?


Some pools can be rented out or borrowed after closing to set up a small winch and rail so you can wakeboard regardless of the temperature outdoors. But while there are a few spots where you can find some people wakeboarding in nearby pools there’s one spot in this great land of ours where you can head indoors to experience a true wakeboarding park.


The idea had come to fruition thanks to Dan Trotter who runs the Cow-C Wakeboard Park in Oklahoma. Creating an indoor pond, Trotter designed a 125 foot long wakeboard experience. Using a high-speed winch, the wakeboarder can spend a few precious seconds riding on the water.


Indoor Wake Park


Where else can you wakeboard indoors? Well, looks like Russia is another good destination. In fact, the 1st Indoor Wakeboard Championship of Samara took place in Tolyatti, Russia with categories consisting of: Under 14, Under 18, Men’s and Women’s.


Check out the awesome highlight reel:



Отчет: 1 чемпионат Самарской области по вейкборду в бассейне from Bilberry on Vimeo.


With the increasing number of cable parks opening up and the growing interest in wakeboarding, it’s only a matter of time before you can shovel the snow off your driveway before heading out to the local indoor cable park for some day-after-Christmas riding.

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