Cabrinha Kiteboarding

Cabrinha Kiteboarding

Cabrinha Kites was founded in 2000 by a Maui-based waterman Pete Cabrinha. Since then, they’ve successfully climbed the ranks to end up on top as the leading kiteboarding company in the industry. Available in 40 countries worldwide, Cabrinha provides kites, boards, and anything else needed for kiters of all levels. They represent some of the most highly skilled athletes in every aspect of the sport and continue to produce some of the best products on the market....Read More


Founder Pete Cabrinha was born in Hawaii and has spent his entire life in and out of the water. His dedication to water sports has landed him multiple international titles in surfing, windsurfing and kitesurfing. His accomplishments have rewarded him with the ability to travel the world, visiting some of the most colorful cities and greatest surf spots. It’s the travel that inspires him in the water and in the design room. The bright and colorful kites that Cabrinha produces are a direct result of the artistic cultures he has been introduced to through his life on the water.

As a company, Cabrinha is making huge strides on the water and on land. They’ve built a team of professional athletes and sponsors who are constantly pushing the edge of the sport. Bigger air, bigger waves and a constant drive for competitive success have created a limitless team. With a testing facility located right in Maui, they’re able to not only create the best products on the market, but to test them in any atmosphere under a wide variety of conditions. The Cabrinha Quest is a unique experience offered by Cabrinha Kites and their partners that creates a global awareness for kiteboarding and promotes low impact travel. Since 2006 they’ve been sailing around the world in search of the most remote kiting destinations. Their goal is to discover the hidden gems of the world, looking for undiscovered cultures, environments and, of course, kiting locations.

Cabrinha Kites is a company based out of Maui, Hawaii. They maintain a 1 year warranty (on all kites, boards and board accessories) / 6 Month warranty (Control system) on their products sold from authorized dealers. They strive to continually provide top notch products for kiters from all walks of life.

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