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Black Friday Preview
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Harley Clifford and Liquid Force Wakeboards


Liquid Force has teamed up with Aussie wakeboarder Harley Clifford to help design some outstanding and high-performance watersports equipment so you can pop off the wake and glide on the water like the pro. You may not have started at age six and you may not have won the US Pro Tour but that doesn’t mean you can’t act like it. I never was nominated for a Grammy but I still sing out to Mumford and Sons when they’re played on the radio.


So, who is this Harley Clifford guy? Why should we trust him? What stuff is he putting his name on? And is there a reason he likes green and blue so much?


Harley Clifford:


Harley Clifford, Professional Wakeboarder


Pro Wakeboarder, Xbox Champion, Loves Crispy M&Ms


Harley Clifford was crowned the King of Wake and took first place in the US Pro Wakeboarder Tour last year all before he turned 19 years old. After putting in thirteen years into the sport he was bound to get something out of it. It was only a few years ago that Harley Clifford was considered just a rookie but he rose through the ranks and snatched the top spot away from wakeboarding fave Phil Soven at the Knoxville Pro Wakeboard Tour by a score of 92.5 to 89 last year.


Hence, Harley Clifford is the champ. He’s traveled halfway around the world from his native Redland Bay, Australia and has taken the crown. Needless to say, we haven’t seen the last of this crispy M&Ms-loving wakeboarding champ.


The Liquid Force Harley Wakeboard:


Smooth, Fast Ultra Poppy


The Liquid Force Wakeboard that dons this kid’s name is a smooth, fast and ultra poppy ride for the advanced to pro level weekend rider. What makes it such a mean machine? This board has an Aggressive Three Stage Rocker that will give you a straight up boost off of the wake and a Triple Concave into Quad V Channels to soften those landings. Low Volume, Variable Edge Rails are pretty smooth and have a catch-free thru middle to keep you faster on edge. True versatility and durability for a seriously fun board the Liquid Force Harley Wakeboard will have you to popping ollies and carving through the water on.


Liquid Force Harley Wakeboard


The Liquid Force Harley Bindings:


Green, Blue and Smooth


Athletic-style, supportive and oh-so-smooth, the Liquid Force Harley Wakeboard Bindings will give you precision flex and control while keep your feet supported and comfortable. The Impact EVA will ensure that those landings have less of a shock to your feet by displacing the shock away. The Cuff Stretch Zone provides you with that flex with no restrictions so that you can always perform at your very best. The Harley Bindings have a good reason to be known as best sellers.


Liquid Force Harley Bindings


The Liquid Force Harley Combo Wakeboard Rope


Of course this is Smooth too!


The Liquid Force Harley Combo Wakeboard Rope has an Ergo Corner for complete comfort and a Boxcar Grip which is ergonomically molded with a Soft EVA Handle Grip so you have the best grip needed to pull off your latest trick that you just saw Harley do on youtube.. Using a lightweight T6-6061 Aluminum Bar means no flex and no bend so you easily predict how the line will react when you hand pass.


Liquid Force Harley Combo Wakeboard Rope


Harley Clifford’s name is all over the place when it comes to Liquid Force. His Wakeboard, Bindings and Ropes are just as awesome as Harley Clifford himself. You know if his name is on it, he approves it and uses it to help climb up the Wakeboard ladder. Come up and join him, won’t you?


Also, I’m not sure why he likes green and blue so much.


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