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Footpads, Straps & Boots Shopping Tips

- In order to stay connected with your kiteboard you’re going to need a setup that involves footpads, straps or boots. The style of security you use is going to depend upon preference and ride style, but all will ensure that you can effectively stay connected to the board. When purchasing your footpads/straps/boots, buy them based on the size of your foot to get the best fit possible. Footpads: The basic footpad setup involves a thick rubber base for cushioning and a highly adjustable strap for customizable security....Read More

Foot pads hold your foot to the board but still allow the rider to release the board during tricks. Foot pads mount directly to the board and allow for full stance customization. Footpads are often completely customizable ensuring that you can get the best fit possible.

Foot Straps: Foot straps will keep you feet on the board with hindering any of the direct feel. They’re smaller than the standard footpad, so racers can mount the standard 4 straps necessary for quick movement and footwork. Straps also allow riders to really dig into the board with their feet, getting a high responsive feel and great control.

Boots: Boots are taking the industry by storm. The standard boot laces and mounts similarly to a wake board and provides ultimate control when riding. Wearing boots gives the highest level of control when riding edge to edge and also provide incredible stability for carving and rotational movement. Keep in mind, when riding you will be attached to the board, so you cannot remove your feet during grabs.

There is a whole variety of footpads/straps/boots, and they can totally affect the way that you ride. Also keep in mind that as you progress, the pads/straps and boots are all transferable, so there’s no reason not to invest in a good pair to really enhance your kiteboarding experience.

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