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Black Friday Preview
Black Friday Preview
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Flyboarding - A Love Story between a Wakeboard and a Jet


They aren’t on sale on yet but, sometime soon, it just might be possible to get your very own Flyboard.


It’s not quite the hoverboard that Marty McFly used in Back to the Future Part II but you can ride over the water like Iron Man. You just have to be in San Diego to do it.


Flyboarding allows you to do flips in the air and dive into the water like a dolphin all from a board that’s attached to your feet that propels you skyward through the power of water. It’s a combination of a jet pack and wakeboard allowing you freedom to use your hands or to summersault in the air safely.


Flyboarding Action Shot


So, how does this thing work, and work safely? The Flyboard is powered by a personal watercraft that follows you (ex: a jet ski). There’s a hose that hooks up to the front as well as the Flyboard and two boots for each of your feet that are connected to the top of the board. Using the power of the watercraft, the board flies up to 40 feet above the water using two jets.


How do you get down? Well, simply dive. You can move about and hover as long as you’d like and then dive down into the water like a dolphin and then pop to do it all over again.


If you find yourself in San Diego and have $149 to spare, I’d recommend giving it a shot. I wonder if I can get to sponsor a trip for me…for research’s sake.


The popularity of flyboarding is meeting a little opposition. While you can rise above the waters in Cancun, San Diego and Key West, fishermen and scientists in Hawaii are discovering serious issues with these devices.


When it comes to marine life and coral, the way these devices are used by sucking up water as well as the noise can cause displacement or death and harm the ecosystem.


Regulations or designated zones will most likely be forthcoming and Hawaii may set the precedent. They aren't finding too much opposition by the owners of the companies that provide these jetpack and flyboard services so long as they're included in the decision-making process.



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