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Black Friday Preview
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There are many different technical features outdoor clothing can have to help you get the most enjoyment out of your time in nature. These features can help with almost any activity from kayaking and hiking to fishing and yoga, and everything in-between.

Sun Protection in clothing means that the item has some sort of UPF or SPF rating, from 15 to 50+ typically, with the higher rating meaning better sun protection. These ratings means that the clothing will protect your skin from harmful UV rays from the sun, and are great for spending long periods outside in sunlight.

Antimicrobial clothing technology means that an application or spray is applied to the item to help kill off bacteria that may develop in your clothing. This can be from everyday wear, from something that you may encounter in your outdoor adventures, and keep your clothing fresher and cleaner as you wear it.

Anti Odor clothing means that clothes with anti odor functions will keep them from smelling after intense use. Sometimes this is from antimicrobial applications, and sometimes it is from the fibers used in the clothing themselves, such as merino wool. Either way, it help keep your gear from smelling after long workouts or daily use in camping or hiking.

Insect Repellent can be found in some clothing that will help keep the bugs away. This is typically found in fishing and hiking clothing, so that you don’t have to apply and reapply bug spray constantly, that can leave an odd smell and sometimes be harmful to you or the environment.

Quick Drying clothing is often used for paddle, fishing, and other outdoor activities that involve any type of water, or even for when you work up a sweat. Quick drying means that the materials used in the garment will dry faster than casual everyday fabrics like cotton, helping to keep you dry and comfortable even during long uses.

Moisture Wicking clothing is very useful for any situation where you are going to work up a sweat. The moisture wicking technology will pull moisture or sweat away from your body and pull it to the outside of the garment so it can evaporate, instead of it building up and clinging or sticking your clothes to your body.

Windproof clothing can be lightweight or heavier clothing that has an extra fabric or weaving of fibers to help protect against wind and not let quite so much air though, to keep you from getting chilly. Some windproof clothing is good for outdoor activities where you don’t know what the weather is going to be like and need that extra feature to keep the cold out.

Water Resistant clothing had a treatment applied to it to help water bead off the clothing instead of being absorbed by it and weighing you down. Different items will have different amount of water resistance, depending on the activity the item is built for, such as paddling, fishing, and so on.

Anti Wrinkle clothing is clothing that tends to be made for travel use, although can apply to other outdoor activities as well. Most garments with this feature have an anti-wrinkle treatment applied to the fabric or item to keep them wrinkle free, even after being packed in a bag or worn all day, so you don't have to mess around with ironing or worrying about your how your clothes look.

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