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Different Kites for Kiteboarding


Some Kites for Kiteboards are $140 and some are $1,400. What’s the difference and why would you choose one over the other?


The kites that we have on our site are HQ Kites so those will be the main focus here. The first thing we have to do is cut the kites into 3 categories. HQ Kites have Trainer Kites, De-Power Kites and Handle Kites. Most of them though can be used on both the surf and the snow but not all.


Trainer Kites:


Trainer Kites are, well, for beginners. The HQ Trainer Kites are known to have a stable feel and are very forgiving. If you’re a beginner, Trainer Kites are the one for you.


These beginner kites for those just getting started are going to be the lesser expensive ones. Don’t worry though, the Trainer Kites are still made with high-quality materials and ensure excellent performance for the beginner, the more expensive HQ Kites, for example, allow for more freedom for hang time when on the water or on the snow. The Trainer Kites are also more designed for light wind flying and not heavy winds and gusts that someone who has advanced skills can really navigate.


One Trainer Kite worth checking out from HQ Kites is the Rush IV Pro Kite. This kite offers smoothness and stability with the flying lines already attached to the kite. The Rush IV Pro also has excellent light wind performance and a leash line that has a shock absorber to help with the handling.


Trainer Kite for Kiteboarding


De-Power Kites:


De-Power Kites require a harness and have a 4-line control system. This 4-line system allows for better control on the windier days. 2 of the lines connect to a harness and 2 to a control bar allowing you to fly the kite and control it creating lift. All of this means that you can manipulate the wind to pull you how you want to go. Oh, and as far as being harnessed into a kite? Don’t worry, there’s a safety system that allows you release if you need to.


What’s de-powering? De-Powering gives you the option to remove the power from the kite so you can determine how long you want to utilize this product and at how much wind force. When you’re done, you just de-power.


One of the HQ Kites that are worth checking out is the HQ Neo Kite. This kite has progressive and predictable handling with lots of wind range and the ability to de-power. You’ll be able to do incredible pops and tricks on a snowboard just as if you were popping off a wake. Tons of stability on both snow and water, the Neo Kite can re-launch on the water and performs like a dream.


De-Power Kite for Kiteboarding


Handle Kites:


Handle Kites are the final version of HQ Kites. They offer the same 4-line system as the De-Power Kites but instead of connecting to a harness they are all on a control bar. You can operate these lines for maximum control and utilize the wind to make fast and well-controlled maneuvers from just about anywhere.


The HQ Beamer Kite is currently in its fifth generation and still packs quite the performance. If you’re looking for speed and stability, the Beamer brings it. There is a brake-line input for extra power and a dirt-out system at the wingtips. Great for the snow and on the buggy, the Beamer is one of the best 4 line kites out there.


Handle Kite for Kiteboarding


Overall, the more expensive kites are going to be the ones that allow you to do more with them and will feature tougher materials to handle the rougher environment. HQ Kites is a well-trusted brand with plenty of high-quality kites to choose from. Whether you prefer the water or the mountain, adding a kite to the mix adds a new and exciting challenge.


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