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Kiteboard Control Bar Shopping Tips

- When kiting, the control bar is your direct connection to the kite. It’s the steering wheel that powers you through the air and is essential your performance, be it on land or water. Whenever purchasing a bar, it is always recommended that you buy a bar manufactured by the same company that made your kite. This ensures that the bar you are using is 100% compatible with the kite you’re flying.....Read More

Adjustable Length – Many bars come with the ability to adjust the length of the bar for compatibility and performance tweaks when flying. As a kiter, when you lengthen or shorten your bar you’ll get different pull strengths which changes the responsiveness and performance of your kite. Having this ability can greatly increase then enjoyment and capability of your kiting experience.

Color Coordination – Almost all bars come with some form of color coordination in the bar. Often, this will be a duel colored pattern that helps distinguish left from right. While kiting, especially if you’re freestyle or wakestyle riding, aerial tricks and maneuvers involve spinning and rotating around the bar which can twist the lines. Having a duel colored bar makes untangling quick and easy mid trick and in the water.

Depower System – The depower system is your way of breaking when kiting. It will either be located above or below the bar and allows for quick and easy stopping when you need to take a break or get into trouble.

Size – The size of your bar directly correlates to the size of your kite. Larger bars provide more mechanical advantage allowing better maneuverability of larger kites. When you’re shopping for a bar, be sure to research the size of the bar your kite requires before purchasing.

Number of Lines – The number of lines needed also correlates to the kite that you use. If you’re using a 5 line kite, you’re going to need a 5 line bar as well. Again, consult your kite before purchasing a bar to ensure 100% compatibility.

Floatation – If you’re going to riding in the water, you’re going to want to make sure that you’ve got a bar that will stay afloat when you bail. After a spill, floating bars help prevent line tangling and bar loss in order to get you up and out of the water as quickly as possible. Not all bars have floatation and can be used on land, however, those looking to enjoy the surf should invest in a bar that floats. If you’re looking for more information you can check out our control bar buying guide or contact our friendly Customer Service Staff.

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