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A Sneak Peek at some of the 2013 Kayaks


By. Steve Hartman


As we enter the warmer months of 2013, it’s time to hang up our skis and snowboards and shed a tear as we say a fond farewell to the melting snows and cold weather.


The good news is that lots of snow can translate into excellent river kayaking and higher lake depths which all make water sports much more fun. When it comes to kayaking, there are a few different varieties to choose from and they all have to do with what your goal is. I’ve highlighted below some kayak categories as well as a kayak in each one as an example. Check them out, check out some of the other kayaks we have available and then have fun paddling on your new kayak this summer!


The Recreational Kayak


It’s probably one of your most common kayaks because it has plenty of versatility. Your Recreational Kayak can often be used in the rivers, coastal inlands and lakes. They are often easy to operate and a variety of users can paddle with them. Recreational Kayaks are great for the mellow paddler or beginner.


The Wilderness Systems Aspire 105 Kayak is a recreational kayak that has a lot of stability and is easy to maneuver and handle. It has a Molded-In Console with a 2-Way Water Bottle holder so you’re never far from that thirst-quenching drink, and ensures plenty of storage space so you have things within easy reach. The stern hatch is also available for storing that extra gear and equipment on those longer treks. The seat that comes with this kayak is a Phase 3 AirPro Seating System. It’s very comfortable especially when combined with the Thigh and Knee Padding which makes paddling easier while providing greater overall comfort. The Economy Drop Skeg helps with tracking as well. The Wilderness Systems Aspire 105 Kayak is an excellent and versatile recreational kayak.


Recreational Kayak


The Light Touring Kayaks and Touring Kayaks: Yes, there’s a difference


One of the most noticeable differences between touring and light touring kayaks is the size. The Touring Kayaks are generally over fourteen feet while a Light Touring Kayak often times are below fourteen feet in length.


Touring Kayaks are designed for the long distance kayaker. If you plan on making a day of it as opposed to paddling in a lake where you can easily head back to land, then a Touring Kayak is the one to consider. They are longer for better tracking and so the longer the kayak the better you will be at gliding a straighter path.


The Hurricane Skimmer Light Touring Kayak has a low seat in the sit on top design that allows for very comfortable paddling while making you feel like you're one with the water. You'll have three hatches so you have tons of room for storage for anything from gear to extra bottles of water to lunch. There's deck rigging in the stern to hold down some of the equipment you take on board and a cup holder between your legs so you can always have a drink handy. If you like the quiet lakes and rivers or spend a day touring quiet coastal waters or larger lakes then the Hurricane Skimmer Touring Kayak is a comfortable, convenient and fun way to spend the day out on the water.


Hurricane Skimmer Kayak


P & H Delphin 155 Touring Kayak boasts a newer design worth checking out. It has a cockpit that has been moved backwards and stern squared off so the bow just kisses the water but when paddling the stern engages and aids tracking. This unique is long enough to paddle like a traditional sea kayak on flat water with enough speed to keep up with the pack but will transform into a new genre of free-ride sea kayak when it hits moving water, coming alive in tide races, over falls and surging water. Best of all the Delphin 155 Touring Kayak has plenty of storage space for an overnighter.


P & H Delphin 155 Touring Kayak


The Tandem Kayak: or a Kayak Built for Two


Just like the name suggests, they are Tandem Kayaks that offer two seats for two paddlers. Obviously one of the great benefits of riding in a kayak with someone else is that you can sit back and relax while they do all they work. But if you start to feel bad then you can pick up a paddle and join in the fun. More often than not, a Tandem Kayak works well if you’re on a solo trip. Many seats are adjustable to center you in the kayak or make it so you can paddle with ease.


The Liquid Logic Deuce Coupe Sit On Top Kayak is fun, stable and easy to paddle with plenty of maneuverability and traction. You'll be comfortable whether you're on a river or lake and can even be taken to your favorite ocean break. Its hull has soft edges offering easy control in whitewater and the bow is upswept allowing the kayak to ride up and over river features. With its spring loaded, retractable skeg that you can deploy with the quick flick of a lever, you can track extremely well. The small depth of the cockpit area offers incredibly easy entry and exit and the broadened, flattened hull creates amazing stability. You’ll have plenty of storage space and a Static Wedge Seat for comfort while paddling. Versatile so you can mix up your adventures, the Liquid Logic Deuce Coupe will make every trip whether it's with family, friends or solo adventure to the water a fun one.


Liquid Logic Deuce Coupe Sit On Top Kayak


The Fishing Kayak


The Fishing Kayak is best for the angler. They are known for their stability so you can stand up when struggling with the big boys and have lots of storage space. You’ll find features that really focus on what an angler would need like multiple rod storages and tackle storage areas.


The Hobie Mirage Pro Angler is a do-it-all fishing vessel. This boat has a fishing specific hull that will offer you great stability and features a deck design that has all the bells and whistles that you would want in a fishing boat. The Mirage Pro Angler Kayak features horizontal rod storage that will hold four rods and there is also a molded-in vertical rod storage as well. A breathable cool ride mesh seat is very comfortable especially in down time between fish bites. There is plenty of storage space on this boat with three storage hatches and a rear cargo area with Bungee tie-downs.


Hobie Mirage Pro Angler Fishing Kayak


Inflatable Kayak: yes, they do exist and they are very reliable


Inflatable Kayaks are usually great for all ages and are designed for the leisurely day on the lake or recreational paddling on the easy moving water. Their exteriors are very tough and durable with the ability to handle the bumps along the way. They are easy to use, smaller and often more lightweight than the other kayaks. The biggest advantage of an inflatable kayak is space and storage. You can take them on any adventure and you won’t need to strap it to the roof of your car.


Perfect for all ages, the Harmony Orbit 245 Inflatable Kayak is excellent for all kinds of paddling. Maybe it's a leisurely day out on the lake or river, or you're coasting through easy moving water, perhaps it's just general recreation, whatever your intentions, the Harmony Orbit 245 is great. Its high performance hull tracks well and faster than most kayaks this size and it has an adjustable seat with backrest ideal for adults and children. Stable and simple, the Harmony Orbit 245 Inflatable Kayak is your ticket to fun or a beautiful summer day.


Harmony Orbit 245 Inflatable Kayak


Now that you know some of the newer Kayaks available for the 2013 season, check them out and see what some of the similar models look like. Compare and find the right one for you and you’ll be having a fun-filled summer out on the water.


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