4+ Person Towable Tube Shopping Tips

The more the merrier! When it comes to towable tubes there are many variations of styles and the amount of riders these styles will hold. All the towable tubes in this section will be set up for 4 or more riders but can often be used with less than that if you have days without 4 riders to get on the tube. You will also find commercial grade towable tubes in this section and some of these will hold up to 10 riders...Read More


Finding the 4 person towable tube you are looking for - On the left of the page while shopping the vast selection of 4 person towable tubes you will see a series of boxes which we call refinement boxes. These refinement boxes offer actionable areas to click that will change the tubes shown on the page. The refinements offered for 4+ person towable tubes are brand, color, price and whether the tube is covered. Selecting an option in any of these refinements will change the towable tubes shown on the page based on your selection. So if you only want to shop 4 person tubes made by the brand Rave just choose Rave from the brand refinement; this will refresh the page and show you only Rave 4 person tubes.

Multiple refinements can be used at once as well. So if you want to just shop Rave brand tubes but wish to add color or price range you can do so. Simply select the brand first like we mentioned above. Once the page refreshes you can choose another refinement so if you select the price range $300-$399 you will now only be shown Rave 4 person tubes in the price range of $300-$399

Quick overview of commercial grade multi person towable tubes - You will notice we not only stock 4 person towable tubes but we also offer commercial grade multi person towable tubes for up to 10 riders. Commercial towable tubes offer a higher weight limit and will offer reinforcements in the seats, knuckles and foot holds or anywhere that there is going to be excess wear. To securely hold all the weight that these tubes can hold the tow connections will be double reinforced for durability and longevity.

Now that we have covered 4 person towable tubes and multi person commercial towable tubes you have all the tools to make the best decision when selecting a tube. Just be sure to keep in mind exactly what your intended use is and how many people will be riding on the tube for the majority of the time.

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