3 Person Tubes

3 Person Towable Shopping Tips

3 person towable tubes are simply that; towable tubes that will fit up to 3 people comfortably and safely. 3 person tubes are some of the most popular as you can easily pull the tube with only 2 riders but can up the ante and pull 3 as well. stocks a very large selection of 3 person towable tubes from all the top brands including Aquaglide, Liquid Force, Radar, HO and many more and in all the styles so you have a good amount of choice when shopping. With so many choices of 3 person tubes let’s dive into some specifics below to cover just what you might see while shopping.

Flat 3 person towable tubes - This style of tube is going to offer a flat surface with handles to hold onto. Riders using this type of tube will typically lay flat on the tube and hold on. In a 3 person design these tubes offer a fairly large amount of area and multiple handles for everyone to hold onto. These 3 person towable tubes work great as lake floats as well because they easily fit 2-3 people and are sturdy and stable while floating.

Sit in/on 3 person towable tubes - Unlike the flat 3 person tubes we touched on above these tubes are going to be more designed to be sat on or in depending on the design. These work great to hold the users in a bit more secure and can offer a leisurely ride but only if the boat driver wants it to be. Usually a sit in/on 3 person towable tube will offer three separated seats either right on top of the tube itself or built into the tube. When built into the tube the users actually sit in the tube itself which offers increased control and stability.

Straddle style 3 person towable tubes - Often called bananas, hot dogs or waterboggans these 3 person towable tubes offer a design that will have the users straddle the tube as they are pulled. Riders will sit one behind the other in a row while holding onto handles which lay out in front of them. These 3 person tubes offer a unique feeling that can be a welcome difference to regular tow behind tubes.

Those are the three main styles of 3 person towable tubes that you will find while shopping and the main styles you’ve most likely seen around the lake. If you don’t own an inflator or pump we would highly recommend picking one up as 3 person towable tubes tend to be a bit larger and can take some additional time to blow up.

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