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1 Person Tubes Shopping Tips

There are several types of 1 person towable tubes from the standard round tube to more diverse models with more features. Some of the changes come in shapes whether round, triangle or some other shape and some changes come in how the tubes are used whether sitting in them or on top of them. All these different styles offer users the ability to personalize their decision based on how they wish to use the towable tube...Read More


1 person towable tubes shapes - The differing shapes of tubes are going to offer different ways the tubes will float atop the water. The shape is what gives the tubes a different feeling while riding them and for most all riders they will have one favorite style of towable tube in which they prefer. Let’s go over a few of the most popular shapes in 1 person tubes.

Round towable tubes – Round tubes are the good ole’ stand by which most tubers will have started on. This shape of tube is great for beginners as they offer an easy to maneuver and control shape. The rounded tubes are often some of the smaller in size and make great tubes for towing multiples at one time. Towing two of the round 1 person towable tubes is great fun and can offer some competition to see who can stay on the tube the longest.

Triangle towable tubes – Triangular is another popular choice when shopping one person towable tubes. These tubes offer a bit more mobility and ability to almost steer and turn the tube in the direction you wish to go. These tubes are great for laying on your stomach as you have ample area in the rear of the tube to put your feet and let them hang.

Miscellaneous shaped tubes - Some of the other shaped tubes will offer the ability to control the tube better like actually being able to maneuver the tube one way or another. Some of these tubes offer flared up sides so you can really get the tube up on the edge to maneuver and control it.

Other 1 person towable tube features to look for - Sit in or ride on top – Towable tubes will either offer a sit in style where there is an actual area of the tube that is left open for you to sit in. Most rounded tubes are this way and can offer an easy to use tube for beginners to build confidence.

Covered – Most all the 1 person towable tubes offered here at offer a covered design. This is best for durability and will also more than likely guarantee you handles on the tube to hold onto.

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