Rave Water Bouncer

Rave Water Bouncer

Creating the water sports bandwagon Rave Sports was the original creator of the inflatable water trampoline. Rave sports provide innovative and high quality products that will give you serious fun while out on the water. Rave has expanded to included water bouncers, accessories, towables, SUPs, water skis and wakeboards. You will find everything you need for fun out on the water with Rave products...Read More


Rave Sports was started in September 1996 by a bunch of entrepreneurs who had a vision to market and distribute products to the recreational market. In 1997 Rave acquired Sun Kat and Aqua Toys and boat and water trampoline companies. By acquiring these two companies Rave had their start in the water sport community. Throughout the years Rave has kept producing high quality water products including attachments to the water trampoline and other new lines for towables and water sports accessories.

In November of 2009 Rave purchased Revel Match LLC. After acquiring this company they expanded their line to include the Aqua Jump Eclipse water trampoline that is the only trampoline that does not have a steel bar frame which in turns makes it lighter and easier for you the consumer while still proving a top notch performance. During this time Rave started the Waterpark Division that gives you waterpark tubes and rafts. Additional products came out at this time in the form of wakeboards, waterskis and the Aqua Buddy ski and wakeboard trainer.

In January of 2012 Rave purchased Aviva Sports which allowed Rave to expand their pool and social float line. In 2012 Rave also started making a line of stand up paddleboards that were made specifically for flat water paddling.

Rave water bouncers are lightweight and portable and perfect for taking on your boat, car or camper. These water bouncers are for the family looking for minimal setup, portability and a great all around recreational swim platform. Best of all most Rave water bouncers are great for families on a budget.

Today the Rave line has several water sports categories that work well with the original mission that Rave started with. Rave has a mission to give you quality and innovative water recreation products. The Rave line has even expanded into the winter market to complement their mission of fun.

When you need water sport products Rave is your go to line.

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