Kiteboard Shopping Tips

- The kiteboard is your mode of movement on the water. They come in many shapes and sizes and all perform just a little differently. When shopping for your new kiteboard, take some time and carefully evaluate where, when, and how you’ll be riding to most effectively choose the right board.
Board Style
The first thing you’re going to want to consider is how you want to ride your board. There are many different forms of kiteboarding....Read More

and selecting your favorite ways to ride will help you choose the right board for your individual style. Here’s a quick breakdown of the different styles of riding:

Freeride – This is the most popular style of kiteboarding. It is comprised of hitting all type of water. Spending the day cruising the coast under the colorful shadow of a beautiful kite. Most riders are more concerned with having fun and learning techniques to improve the status of their skill. Freestyle – Freestyle riding is all about big air and awesome tricks. The “go anywhere” format calls for format free riding with riders hitting every wave, big or small and pulling only the coolest tricks. Surf – Surf style kiteboarding requires surf style waves. This hybrid kite/surf sport involves riding the board like a surfboard with highly dynamic footwork and constant board manipulation. This can be done with or without foot straps, allowing the riders to maneuver their feet to improve balance and propulsion from the wave.

Wakestyle – Tricks and aerials performed on flat water or in surf using the waves as kickers. The boards often involve full boots, similar to what is worn on a wakeboard. The skill set is similar to wakeboarding.

Race – Either course based or free-for-all, race style kiting is all about achieving the maximum speed over a set distance. Major differences involve more powerful kites to draw more wind power and special boards with specific fins designed for optimal control and speed.

Light Wind – You’ll often see boards that are used/good for light wind conditions. Generally speaking, wide directional boards or large twin tips will also be good for light wind conditions. When the wind doesn’t have much power it makes it hard to plane out your board to ensure a smooth landing. Wider and larger boards will create more surface area as you descend out of the wind to provide easier planing and softer landings.

Snow/Land - Snow and land kiting is done with the use of Skis, Snowboards or ATB’s. Click the appropriate link for more information on Skis or Snowboards. ATB’s are “all terrain boards,” essentially giant skateboards with A/T tires on them. These boards take kiting to the next level, allowing transportation through fields, beaches and dirt.


Once you’ve selected how you’d like to ride, it’s time to consider the size of the board that you need. The size of the board is based on the riders weight and riding style. Use this table to help select the proper size range for you to shop in:

Kiteboard Size Chart

Weight (lbs) Size (cm)
125-150 134-148
150-180 140-160
180-210 142-165
210+ 146-165



While there are many different shapes of boards, there are three main categories that they get looped into. These categories are; Twin Tip, Directional and Hybrid (Mutant).

Twin Tip: Twin tip boards are identical on both sides of the board. This allows riders the highest performance from the board no matter which way they are riding. Twin tip boards are ideal for tricks and freestyle riding. They allow for riders to perform rotational and inverted tricks where landing positions are multi-faceted.

Directional: Directional boards are designed for those looking to surf the big waves, carve the coasts and achieve the highest speeds. They are single directional, and built with specialized fins to encourage effective and proper forward motion.

Hybrid (Mutant): Hybrid boards are the most popular boards on the water. They are a combination of a twin tip and directional boards and are designed for all use kiteboarding. The tweaks to fin pattern and board shape allow these multi-use boards to effectively cater to riders of any style.

For in depth information or to answer any questions, check out our Kite Board Buying Guide or feel free to call our friendly Customer Service Staff!