Kids Rashguards



Rash Guard Shopping Tips


A decade ago, ski and snowboard helmets were few and far between. But now it’s hard to find someone on the mountain who isn’t protecting their head. For watersports, Rash Guards are the new must have item, and as skin cancer awareness rises, the more accepted Rash Guards are becoming.


But they do more than just protect your skin from the harsh rays of the sun…


Rash Guards can often be used for an added layer in cold water, as well as protection against the sun, preventing irritation on the skin. They can be worn on their own or under a wetsuit or board shorts.


What does a Rash Guard do?


When a surfer is paddling out to catch that next big wave they will usually lay on their stomachs and work their way into the ocean. Shifting the body along the top of a surfboard can cause wax-based chafing or abrasions so wearing a Rash Guard can prevent you from being uncomfortable during this process. more...

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