Kayak Shopping Tips


Buying a kayak can be confusing, that’s for sure. Before you buy a kayak there is one important decision that you need to make: how are you going to use it? Are you interested in paddling whitewater rapids, lakes, ponds, or the open ocean? Are you going out solo or with a partner? All of this needs to be addressed before you pull the trigger and make an investment into your kayak. Beginners should look for kayaks that combine versatile handling with good stability and reasonable weight.


Types of Kayaks


Sit-on-Top/Open Top


Sit-On-Top kayaks or Open Top kayaks allow an individual to sit on the top of the kayak, hence their name. They are a great selection for kayakers who enjoy fishing or diving. They are also an ideal selection for beginner kayakers.




Touring kayaks or Sea kayaks are perfect for individuals who enjoy kayaking long distances. The design of Touring or Sea kayaks are long and lean for better tracking (the kayaks ability to travel in a straight line), and quick travel over long distances.




Whitewater kayaks are different from the other boats that comprise kayak types. Whitewater kayaks are designed to handle moving water more efficiently. Their design is at the opposite end of the design spectrum in comparison to the aforementioned Touring/Sea kayaks. Whitewater kayaks are short and maneuverable and recommended for experienced riders. more...