Rigid Kayaks vs. Inflatable Kayaks


Kayaks can either be rigid or inflatable. A rigid kayak is made of hard-shell materials like wood, plastic, and fiberglass. Sometimes a rigid kayak is made of a combination of these things, in which case they will be especially lightweight and durable. Because of the materials that they are made of rigid kayaks are generally pricier. There are many types of rigid kayaks and this is the most common type of kayak. Rigid kayaks can vary from beginner to advanced and be used for many different reasons.



Inflatable kayaks are made from PVC, hypalon, polyurethane, and neoprene. There are currently two primary construction methods for an inflatable boat: welded and glued seams. Inflatable kayaks are lightweight, compact for storage, and can be easily inflated and deflated. Because of the type of material this type of kayak are usually priced less expensive than a rigid kayak. Inflatable kayaks are generally used for learning how to kayak or fishing while kayaking.