Learning Kayaking Basics With Kelly Blades




Here at wateroutfitters.com we all love kayaking but many of us are at differing levels of skill in kayaking and some are very beginner. We were recently fortunate enough to have Kelly Blades give us an intimate lesson at our office kayak demo outing. Kelly Blades is a pro paddler for Werner Paddles, Immersion Research and NRS among being involved with several kayak companies all while being a coach and an instructor, basically a kayak guru!


The demo started great as the few employees that had never kayaked before got in and took off; low and behold they enjoyed it immensely. I was also able to take the token wateroutfitters.com dog Nakita out in the Wilderness Systems Commander kayak and she seemed to enjoy being out on the open water. The Commander stayed steady and was stable and smooth even with the extra passenger.


After we ate Kelly gathered everyone together to begin the clinic, everyone grabbed a paddle and was ready to learn from the kayak guru. Kelly went through basic paddle strokes, common mistakes and touched on a bit of everything all while keeping it light and humorous. Even the avid kayaker can learn from Kelly’s clinics as exact positioning of the body and arms can always be in question as you work on the most effective technique.



We encourage all kayakers to check out Kelly Blades personal page and check out upcoming events to meet and learn from Kelly or simply check out his blog to get the latest news from his hectic paddle bonanza of a life. Also check out his course schedule for upcoming chances to learn from Kelly who has been teaching for 10 years and offers an array of classes from beginner kayaking to advanced kayaking.